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Sorry, no scheduled yoga classes at present. Please email for mahaloka information.

s t y l e s

~ hatha-flow yoga
Enjoy gentle hatha-flow taught therapeutically with respect for all body types, abilities and each student's individual needs. Particular attention is paid to the breath and movement with mindfulness.

~ chair-to-mat combo class
This yoga class is suitable for people with some mobility issues or injuries. We begin with warm up stretches while seated in a chair, then move to standing poses using the chair for balance. Accessible poses on the yoga mat are followed by a guided meditation for relaxation. This yoga is taught therapeutically, allowing you to feel the benefits of yoga while avoiding strain or injury. All ages and body types are welcome.

~ chair yoga
Designed specifically for seniors and people with limited mobility or health challenges, chair yoga focuses on deep breathing, stretching, accessible yoga poses, and guided relaxation. The entire class is done seated in a chair or even from a wheelchair, and no prior experience is necessary. Retirement communities or group homes can book a free chair yoga demo class.

~ therapeutic yoga
Group, semi-private or private yoga sessions for people with chronic health challenges.
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~ yoga for recovery
Yoga can be a powerful tool to help build a healthy lifestyle in recovery. The movement, breath work and mindfulness of yoga promote relaxation, stress reduction and empowerment.

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logo corinne mah is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT500), trained by Ajna Yoga in Victoria BC. She has practiced different styles of yoga for many years, including gentle hatha, flow-vinyasa and restorative. corinne's passion is exploring therapeutic yoga and pursuing continuing education. she is lucky to be able to call three places "home" - victoria, san francisco bay area and dominica in the caribbean.

yoga offered

logo Hatha is any physical yoga practice that utilizes different poses (asanas), for the purpose of strengthening, opening, and cleansing the body. Within hatha yoga are the various "styles" or schools of yoga. mahaloka specializes in gentle hatha-flow, chair yoga for seniors, and yoga for recovery (trauma, mental health and addictions).


logo Reiki is a form of energy healing that reduces stress and increases energy, peace and feelings of well-being. corinne mah is a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner. Her reiki sessions ease the symptoms of illness, injury and stress. She also offers reiki for pets, which helps calm and balance animals.